ShopperTrak is a cloud-based retail technology that provides in-store foot traffic analytics. The analytics are presented in a user-friendly dashboard that retailers and malls can use to increase in-store conversions, optimize labor, and deliver an optimal customer experience.

As the Global Leader for Digital & Marcom for Johnson Controls retail technology division, I was hired to drive digital transformation, including architecting the organization’s digital roadmap across the entire funnel from demand generation and lead generation to conversion and cross-selling.

Key business outcomes included:

  • Tripled the number of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) in the first 18 months
  • Increased the value of new pipeline opportunities (in USD$) for last fiscal year, equating for almost 40% of new opportunities
  • Increased efficiency, reduced spend by 30% to fund new aspects of the program

Building the growth engine was a combination of programs, processes, and people including:

  • Architected the strategy and stood-up a marketing pipeline across the entire funnel from demand generation and lead generation to conversion and cross-selling, including:
    • Built a closed-loop lead generation capability in a complex, matrix organization
    • Restructured global geographically-distributed team across six time zones: built a global campaign management function, demand-lead gen program team, and digital operations team from scratch
    • Developed program planning and executional processes for global programs and in-language localization of elements
    • Created a budget tracking process
    • Developed processes to support localization of content and tactics
    • Created dashboard reports forecasting close percentages across lead stages
    • Fully leveraged existing Salesforce & Pardot for opportunity and lead management

Re-engineered and launched global demand gen and lead gen programs, continually optimixing

  • The demand and lead generation programs leveraged keywords analytics, SaaS use cases, and web behavior to drive content creation.
  • For example, one of the key uses for traffic analytics is understanding the influence of promotions and marketing of in-store shoppers.
  • A number of digital promotional tactics were used, including:
    • Search engine optimized content, including SEO-driven blogs
    • Paid search ads (Google Adwords
    • Display ads
    • Syndicated ad network
    • Paid social
    • Email
    • Newsletter
    • 3rd party newsletter & content sponsorships
    • Sales enablement
    • Ebooks
    • Landing pages
    • The landing page features content such as ”optimizing marketing spend ebook” as well as blogs.
    • Downloading of the ebook triggers the other related content on tying marketing spend to traffic analytics.
    • Once the user is enrolled in the stream, they are followed up with a nurturing stream of emails that drive re-engagement by promoting other content around the same use case.

This content is one example of a program built around use cases for demand gen to drive more site traffic as well as re-engagement with leads in nurturing streams. Additional programs leverage the same type of tactics, modified by audience and performance.

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