My story

My career journey started with Ameritech, after completing grad school. I joined Ameritech during its transformation from a monopoly to a competitive, customer-centric organization. I was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time. Ameritech was very nimble for a company of 40,000 employees. My focus was on pioneering a more targeted, segment and data-driven marketing approach. When I started with the company my responsibilities focused on driving revenue for two products through integrated upcgck4uxamarketing campaigns. Within two years, I had responsibility for all product marketing campaigns based on program performance and ability to achieve a strong return on investment.

While I found the culture at Ameritech invigorating, I was presented with an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I was recruited and joined AT&T to lead their re-entry into the local market. Basically a start-up within a Fortune50 company. My role centered on leading a cross-functional team across the entire customer experience.  

I enjoyed the process of building a business, it truly ignited my entrepreneurial spirit. My next role was joining a small marketing agency that had big ambitions. I started with the agency in a strategy role and quickly grew my responsibilities to own the front-to-end client experience. Over the course of my tenure with my current employer, J&C, agency revenue has quadrupled. I’ve been able evolve the agency’s capabilities (including hiring and mentoring) to transform the agency to a digital first approach. The evolution mirrors the addition of contemporary digital channels, while staying true to the core principles of data-driven, measurable, response marketing techniques.

My career has been dedicated to applying insights and data to drive engagement and action. I thrive on using data, insights and technology to find solutions for the most difficult marketing challenges.  My focus has been on non-traditional, targeted channels for the majority of my career that have the ability to be measured. I enjoy being able to measure the impact of my work, and understand my work is making a difference.

Today, digital channels dominate most of my activity. My focus remains on using data, online behavior and insights to support and move prospects and customers through all stages of the journey. Visit the blog section on this website to learn more about my philosophy and approach to marketing.

Click here to learn how my son describes me

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