10 Ways to Get More Followers

Getting new blog and social media followers is an objective for many blogger, marketers, businesses, and active social media users. I’ve read a number of articles recently on the topic, and below you’ll find an article that does a terrific job highlighting 10 useful tops to generate a following. A handful of themes continue seem to be consistently suggested in a number of articles, here is that recap.

  • Quality – First and foremost publish and pass on great content. Everyone is on information overload, and it’s getting harder and harder to break through. Furthermore, it’s unlikely people read every word of every post in the order it is written. It’s possible some users are reading the title, first couple of sentences and then decide if they want to read on, while others may skim first, then decide if it’s worth their time for a thorough read. Good quality content is becoming a requirement to grow a social media follwoing and get users to read more than one or two sentences. Good quality not only generates that initial engagement, but it encourages users to re-engage with your content.
  • Curate – Depending on your goals, curated content may or may not make sense. If you’re primary goal is to attract and engage a readership or following, then curated is likely a good option. I’m a fan of both the capabilities that Hootsuite and WordPress offer. Hootsuite has a great feature that provides suggestions for curated content to share that can be useful in creating a social media following. I’ve been amazed at how solid the capability is at recommending content that relates to topics in my social media feeds. Additionally, social media platforms such as Hootsuite make it easy to re-tweet and share content from your social media feeds to your other social media accounts with or without a note or lead-in comment. The share with comments feature is how this particular article was crafted in WordPress.  I personally believe in reading content before it’s shared, but it’s worth a mention that Hootsuire and other like platforms offer auto-posting.  One note, if your goal is primarily SEO, then you may want to limit the amount of curated content used in your mix.
  • Consistency – Maintaining a consistent posting and publishing schedule will help keep a blog or social media following engaged. Hubspot does an outstanding job of demonstrating the impact of consistent blog publishing. If you aren’t familiar with the relationship between web traffic and blogging, check out this blog.
  • Reciprocate – In reading articles from influencers and those that have larger followings, one of the key takeaways is reciprocate. This includes “liking”, “sharing”, “following” and other ways of engaging with those that have “liked”, “shared” and “followed” your content or posts.

Read 10 Ways to Get More Followers (3 min read) from The Millionaire’s Digest to get their top 10 recommendations and some additional great insight.

Getting followers to subscribe or follow your blog can sometimes be a little challenging. But by doing just the smallest things can make the biggest impact. Here’s 10 of them: 1. Return favors. Follow people that comment or favorite your posts, especially when they take the time to read articles you’ve written and share a comment with […]

via 10 Ways to Get More Followers (3 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

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