Meet Sheera

Thank you for visiting my website. I am 20 year seasoned marketing veteran that thrives on using data, insights and technology to solve business’ pain points. Marketing was always my destiny. From a young age, I was always curious why people make certain choices, and how businesses could influence those behaviors. Critical thinking and analyzing situations borderline as a hobby for me.

I found my passion in measurable, response oriented marketing. My expertise is in applying past behaviors to influence future actions and creating ways to build brands through driving engagement and transactions. I thrive on marketing innovation, marrying proven practices with contemporary channels, new techniques and cutting edge theories.

I started blogging about 3 years ago for my employer. Hubspot training and technology completed inspired me. It was amazing to have such quick feedback from the market. The amount of information at my finger tips was nearly intoxicating. The ability to analyze and optimize was a natural for someone like myself that is rooted in measurement and testing.

My blog is mostly dedicated to innovating and elevating marketing activities. The marketing innovation umbrella encompasses modern marketing ideas, new techniques, in-market learnings, best practices and thought leadership. Some of the other pages include more about my experience, skills and accomplishments. I’ve even included in my son’s perspective on his mom’s character traits, insights from a 16-year.

Confession, this is the first WordPress website I’ve completely developed on my own, if you see anything odd, have any feedback or any tips, please submit a comment or provide directly to me at

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