10 Ways to Save Time in Creating Content

Content creation is a challenge for many marketers. The following article provides a comprehensive list of time-saving tips. It’s a terrific collection of suggestions that can definitely yield time savings.

One of the techniques that I’ve found as a time saver is to repurpose content into different delivery formats. Generally starting with the most comprehensive piece of content provides the strongest foundation. If you’re starting point is a comprehensive article, consider the following:

  • Expanding a couple of the sub-points or examples into their own articles
  • Transforming the examples into case studies
  • Repackaging the examples with additional “how-to” information into a checklist, ebook or guide
  • Highlighting all of the statistics in an infographic
  • Marrying your original content with curated content to create a listing of resources on the topic
  • Infusing a timely topic into an article to capitalize on a news cycle or recent piece of research
  • Treating your content as it’s a curated piece of content, applying new thinking or results as an intro
  • Creating either a slideshow, podcast or web video (high production value or informal, using your webcam)

The ideas can be endless once the content foundation is in place. Check out the following article from CMI for more ideas:

Article from CMI:

As a content creator, you’re aware of the arduous task of getting a single piece completed. Audience research, topic sourcing, planning, collaboration, editing and revisions, and sourcing authoritative data to back up ideas, etc., are time-intensive tasks.

I used to waste a tremendous amount of time creating, producing, promoting, and distributing content. Then I set out to optimize the process, while also working to improve the response from my audiences. Here are 10 tips I learned along the way.

How to Write User-Oriented Content More Quickly

1. Streamline research

The research phase can eat up a ridiculous amount of time if you’re not careful. We all want to create the content that our audience wants the most. It can leave you leaping back and forth on topic ideas as you try to decide exactly what your audience wants at any given time. Even with a strong understanding of your audience, you might feel lost in finding new topics.



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